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We have moved

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Hello - Guys 

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Tired of talking about youth problems?

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Tired of talking about youth problems?

I think am soon signing in that group soon thatis if not yesterday! What does the government of Uganda say? “

We are doing something” “The youth fund” TheNAADS” “the Bonanagagawale’’ “the and the that!”

What does your member of parliament say?

“Policy for All skills for youth is being debated’“The education curriculum is under review”

“But when will this all be done” you and I ask? “So…so…you know the bureaucracy of government” they always reply

Today with no doubt, I have joined your group,the group of Uganda Youth that would like to see one or two or three thingsdone in our generation to pave way for the next generations to come or thosethat say patriotism not because of their political ties of who knows who orwhat but because it’s high time that politicians in our pearl of Africa get toknow their responsibilities and stop using religion, tribes and our cultures asmeans to divide us more than the colonialists.

“Why is it you MPs always lie to us when you arepassing by our homes that you are talking about our issues when you are insteadpartying in parliament? Anonymous youth from Bwaise asked the Panelists

Asiimwe, a Pan Africanist and one of thePanelists warned  by saying “ Youngpeople wherever they are need to be conscious of the leaders they elect intopower, even if it’s the position of Mayor of your cities, the problem to ourproblems is not because of institutions but the humans in these institutionsand change will not be brought about by making or creating more institutions butchanging the humans holding these positions and the behavior that some indulgeinto when they get into these institutions”

He further make reference to Kwame Nkurimah ,Black consciousness and the need for young people not to have the individualismtendency that has consumed majority of Ugandans today.

When Chris the moderator asked whether the PrivateSector has more power than the politicians in Uganda with reference to otherdeveloping countries, I turned around to see who would answer his question,would it be Hon Amondig, or Sekyikubo or this is something that can be revertedto the Speaker of Parliament Hon Kadaga at a later stage?

Yes we can do the talk, but who is walking thewalk? Today has been inspiring at the 2nd Annual Youth Festival atOld Kampala Secondary School Grounds and hope to see you tomorrow on 26th08 2012.

Come and network with all Youth organizations inUganda and share your ideas, suggestions and answers to what the youth inUganda are facing today!


What does the Youth day mean to a Ugandan Youth?

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I enter a room with four black chairs being a table with Blue wave water bottle with a glass on the table. The back ground cloth bares Uganda Media centre logo with a Ugandan flag to the left and the East African Flag to the right! An hour before, I was sipping my breakfast at the National Theater when I received a reminder sms that read

“A briefing by Hon Ronald Kibuule about youth day celebrations and issues about youth today at 8/08/2012 at 10:00 am at UMC”

“Ask about our money” my friend Irene said to me before I left to walk for the Uganda Media Centre offices along clement hill road.

Self Note (… much us “it’s our money” it’s a loan which has to be paid back ha!)

I knew it was a kind of press briefing I would want to attend because I haven’t yet had a nice encounter with the dear Hon. Ronald Kibuule since I got to hear of his name… for every attempt I have made to meet him has been to failure. He is always attending business in Kenya, at least that what the front desks always tell me. This always leaves me to meet the chubby, gentle, Mondo Kyateka, the Commissioner of Youth and Children who is always waiting for communication from his boss, the minister.

At 10:15, the Commissioner walked in from the front entrance of the press briefing and disappeared through the collider to Fred Opolots Office, the Director of UMC.

Self Note (i wonder if it’s a syndrome that these politicians never come to meetings on time. One day when they need us we will also not be there…maybe next time)

I wonder what the youth day represents to the minister looking at the over 70% young people are unemployed, which constitutes over 60% of Uganda’s population

At 10:19, Fred Opolot made the entrance with Hon Ronald and his commissioner, Mr. Mondo Kyateka. At 10:20, Hon. Ronald Kibuule thanked his friends the media… Self Note (I am now having second thoughts about the meaning of “friends”;) …and stated reading his press statement

“Today Sunday 12th August 2012, Uganda joins the rest of the world to mark the International Day”

Self Note (Today is 8:08:2012, a sunny Tuesday morning and its not the youth day yet! So I guess that is a typo which he doesn’t seem to notice and he reads on…;)

“This day is marked annually by member countries of the United Nations following the 1999 UN general assembly resolution that approved the 1998 recommendation by the ministers in charge of youth that 12th August should be celebrated annually as international youth day”

The Pan Africanist in me kept of boiling for all the quotes didn’t make any relevance to me, as an individual, Ugandan, Young person and Unemployed. Whereas youth have to celebrate, I think it more relevant to create our own days that are in line of African strategic planning…and remembering that this assembly didn’t take place in Africa. It got be inching my skin (don’t judge me;)

He added that

“Whereas the international theme for 2012 is “Building a Better World Partnering with you” the government of Uganda adopted the theme “Entrepreneurship skills: a cornerstone for youth employment creation” and I now do agree with this theme but I find it too ambitious for so far what Honorable and his ministry what they have proved to relate issues related in the government projects that target youths.

Self Note (The youth fund which was a venture capital for the young ideas and innovations was poorly managed from the start, where even the Minister had no information about a project he supposedly manages)

When my hand was picked for a question, I introduced myself as his fan. He smiled keenly! At least I had his attention.

“Honorable, you mentioned youth day as an international celebration, Looking at the level of unemployment rate in Uganda, the government projects targeting young people that are still crawling or in my opinion wanting to meet the numbers of affected persons, Is Uganda proud to celebrate or is this another government expenditure as young people’s needs remain unmet?

“A journey of a thousand Hills starts with one step” Said Hon. Ronald K.

Self Note (almost thought he was talking about Rwanda but hey...I have to concentrate, it’s an idiom. So are we starting off our step with celebrations?)

He responded with a narrative about a bodaboda man in his constituency Mukono district who sold his piece of land to buy a Moto Bike and also a group of young people who presented a proposal to the president’s office with their interest to travel to china to learn modern agricultural practice “Such young people, I don’t understand …and then they say I am the one blocking their opportunities” but I didn’t find his remarks relevant to the questioned I asked him

He then talked about how politicizing of all issues has been a challenge to the projects implemented, the strikes, Besigye’s walk to work among others which steals time from young people as even those who claim to ask about the youth fund have never entered a bank.

Self note (I have entered it Honorable and its now 2 months they say my form is being reviewed. And My be Walk to work in an alternative source of income Hon. How about that?)

To save the day, Mondo Kyateka clarified that the day is for not just celebrations but reviewing, redefining their strategy to answer young people’s issues and work out a best way forward. He also mentioned that the youth fund is not the only project that young people should look out for but there are other projects like NAADS (to which we all know corruption is not its only secret friend) among others that young people can participate in to have their means to ends…

Self Note (There is a lot for the Ministry of state for Youth and Children to prove that their projects are affecting any Ugandan Young person because what a coincident that none in my circles even my other journalists friends has heard of one who has successfully received a youth fund as well as any benefit from the different projects that have been implemented as a capital venture fund)

As those with small business to prove their securities to get some money, the graduates who have only a certificate to prove their worth are still not yet given a green light if they will be benefiting from the now remaining 16 billion shillings of the Youth Fund. Self Note (Though the minister says they are still discussion it, you and I know what this team means…by the time they agree…there will be no 16 billion to collect!)

I hope the youth of Mbale do make sense out of what the president will tell them about what his country is doing or planning for their well being!

You have all been invited to Kabale Municipal Stadium for the National Celebrations, which will be presided over by H.E President Yoweri K Museveni on 12th August 2012 starting at 8:00am

For God and My country




Weed Moments

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Its  tragic to what happened to my iconright  here at my nose strings. Ijust heard that Uganda is now being called " that thing"  and then i wonder, how many things cangive you hieghts here in my mother land?

Once thing for sure, every five people you meetin this capital, one person knows a weed dealer or consumer.

Us the social rites do know that our artistshave at most doen a good public relations of what heights one can have withweed, some say it boosts confidence... so they get all blazed for their fans, butme a fan, never really like what these guys do under influence while onstage... atleast you too have seen a moment...

from the time when Jam session at the only goodpublic theater was haulted because the crowd at the time not only smoked weedbut started to through microphones around each others as some fought.

The funny thing is that to Iryne, only coolpeople are the ones who take weed. at our first meeting, because i weardreadlocks, i was wearing a skirt at that time and she said that i dont look akind who wears  skirts. I smiled atit and blushed it off... Later in the day, she said she had some weed andwondered if i wanted to smoke with her.

We were seated by the camp fire on the shoresof lake victoria. when i asked where it was for me to try...! she said i hadnow registered in her cool list. This to me came as a suprise!  which cool list? i asked

"To every one who wears dreadlocks, its cool, to those who wearcasual *jeans and moccasines ... thats a cool list and those who smoke weed! thatsa better cool character" she replied

*i never got to finish this article. but this kind is what is featured in the column in the Life ,Magazine "Dimensions" or Women about town... dont judge me. its the society that i write about


The Agony of being human

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The Agony of being human


Such a word forgiveness is so strong

Such a word forgiveness though right is so hard…to embrace


The lies of life flow into our heart’s vessel like a tea drop

There goes the…wicked smiles of malicious people dinning with our good people

The glasses tossing. Wines popping

Little do we know we are dinning with the one planning a coup de-tat

Ask Obote 1. His copse still grabbles to why he ever trusted Amin for general.


My mind just slid at the thunderstorm strikes

Depopulating owls that found refugee from the palm tree

All human lost. We hear that the rains have begun

Always carry your rain coats’’ the astrologists advise.


The blood streams through my medullar fast.

Popping my head gears in pain

Extracting my energy…denying my visual functions…replaying on my visual images of 2010.uganda.


To those times the sun was our witness; saw Teso complain of jiggers.

The politician lobbies for the area to be declared a national disaster.

We both know they don’t care…they want to use the opportunity

To get rich by the donor money for They fund in dollars


That’s when you hear of another Luwero triangle

Another Luwero massacre

In the moments when we remember the victims of Luwero triangle

The Government peace talks spark Green

Our children have been crippled

Our children have been murdered

Our children turned into solders

That’s when the law says make peace with the rebel


Death seems to be the ear beats of the LRA

Kony seems to revenge on his own people

Instead of fighting the war load… the law says you have got to make peace talks.

Peace….and talks….p…e…a…c…e with that who massacred a 1000women

With that who raped, battled and killed our young generation…


Such a word forgiveness is so strong

Such a word forgiveness though right is so hard…to embrace.


That can pass… time has passed…then we receive a death bill on sexuality

I go dumb.


The blood streams through my medulla fast.

Popping my head gears in pain

Extracting my energy…denying my visual functions…replaying on my visual images of 2010.Uganda.


 A baby has been born in Bududa

Glory washed away by the mad slides…politicians call them… people slides

Hats buried with their landlords. Now the tenants are relieved of a month’s pay

The politician says we should strike against the provisions by the government

So what will we use if we strike?

Red Cross supplying basics… fought by the locals

Two Local leaders imprisoned for embezzling relief property

So what were they doing with the government’s funds of pre-Bududa people slides?

My guess is a vice grows beyond taming as exposure enriches.

To some we wonder what happened to our weather man?


As the daylight seizes to being.

Sees our sisters parading on street corners awaiting for servicing brothers

The nights work brings on pregnant sisters…the marrieds demanding for a redLight district.

Their customers in parliament deny of their importance and so do the general public- if that doesn’t include me and you

Instead of tabling issues that we know have been a result of poverty.

Why don’t we empower the citizens to do away with the vices?


Let me not remind you of your role in society…to yourself…to the world

If I can be what they tell me to be for money then Africa needs to halt…and check its surrounding’s impacts before calling for more donors.


Such a word forgiveness is so strong

Such a word forgiveness though right is so hard…to embrace


Before dawn a sexuality question is tabled.

I keep my mouth shut!!!!!!!!!!


The blood streams through my medullar fast.

Popping my head gears in pain

Extracting my energy…denying my visual functions…replaying on my visual images of 2010.uganda.


The freedom of speech…the freedom of media.

Elections boycott…electro being slandered.

The opposition not learning from their mistakes

Still over looking at the law .the same law they say they will protect when voted in power.

I wonder what 2011 will bring.

Coz though we need a new face.

Will the new face bring anything new to my menu?


I have my knees bow down to the pulpit

Can’t seem to erase the wild hands panting my face

And one two three of them racing on me apart

My tears dropping down my cheek.

One for my sisters killed at the race

Another for my other sister murdered for not giving in to the race

The other for Peace….one love


Such a word forgiveness is so strong

Such a word forgiveness though right is so hard…to embrace

The blood streams through my medullar fast.

Popping my head gears in pain

Extracting my energy…denying my visual functions…replaying on my visual images of 2010.uganda.


A new invention!

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Earlylife Radio is a new online platform i have created to bring together young people all over Africa and the World to share ideas through getting involved in citizen journalism.

Earlylife Radio has already started operating and is a nominee of the Young Achievers Awards 2011 which were presided over by the President of Rwanda and Uganda His Excellence. Robert Kagame and Yoweri K Museveni Respectively.

Soon, the platform is expanding to other continents... You too are welcome to join us by visitng


more links to my Weekend Column in Monitor (Life Magazine) at




Aheart Crash Into a Crush

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A heart Crash into a Crush.

All first times come in a flash

Its feels verge

Immature sometimes

Or even crazy to some

But my first time i knew it was just like

Any other attractions to the masculine

Or his affirmations in his speech.

And like all first times i hint it off my mind

‘Now i am thinking like a piece of cramp’ and it flashed


The night was a recap of the day

A knock at my door, his entry and my blushing face

His face lowering for his lips to touch mine.

Then the alarm clock. Its 7:30.

And i don't want to be late for another session


I guess second days are a bit confusing

With mixed thoughts of... was it happening ?

Would it happen? What if it happened?

Another flash of ‘ït's just an illussion’.


The day light passed with out a sight of the him

In the evening; he sat by the barbeque

His fork switching from his plate to his mouth

And as he sipped on his Club Beer.

He let his hands massage through his hair

‘did he notice me watching him?’


My eyes turned to the Nile beer in my hands

I sipped it to its last drop and knew it was time for my Me moments

Of tossing and turning in my bed

Of roaming up and about

Waiting on for something...eventually nothing.

And the logging dreams that saw me exhausted by day light

 To see his calm,polite and grateful face again

As if nothing was happening? At least not to me.


Day four... and i knew this was a mind crush

And all the same...i had to flash it off with Gost ship

And all the horrors i watched before my dreams switched

From the holds and folds to the scolds and Blood.


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It?s been a while? I am home.

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Inspired by the East African Youth Media workshop 2010 BY Open society Initiative for East Africa The rhythm of life is so theoretical even to the times people say we learn from it. Those that have lived many years than me will still tell you that you cant understand life’s ways.  This has made me to believe that life is an art not a science. You live it creatively even with different kinds of thesis, you will never solve the puzzle. You will die still wondering why things happen the way they do. My advice is; don’t try to know. Just blindly live your life. I have always educed my mind to thinking that I couldn’t sit fo

r more than an hour listening to a lecture. Don’t ask me how I did i it through my school times. Either way I managed unharmed.

Some times one doesn’t recognise the changes happening to one not until they give it a thought.

Half of my 10years in child hood I spent them thinking, less play and meditating with my imaginations. 10 more years spent living moments…having the enthusiasm of nature, its life and people. I always looked on meeting new people, making new friends…which meant I never cared about keeping the friends. It was never quality but quantity.

My first 20’s saw me meditating once more.

Evaluating on my life’s goals of my 20 years living and creating a force with in me to have an achievement by my 21st birthday.

I must recognise the inspirations I received from Hilda Twongyeirwe…who encouraged me to keep writing and contributing to Uganda women writers association of which I am a member. Through FEMRITE I met the Lantern meet of poets and Bavubuka Foundation.

For the first time, I had achieved something of worth to my legacy.

The new media simplified my networking with other international writer groups where I was able to make my publications with in their anthologies by the time I celebrated my 21 birthday.

Whenever I memorise the achievements that I have made with in one year,its like a dream come true. This has made me to believe that life is about that moment when you make an affirmative, stretched step

I must say every other more year traces from the lay back character in me and the loose free other me.

That’s gets me back to my Media moments: From the time during my primary four when the eclipse of the sun occurred. The science teacher told us that it was because a high ranking officer in the devils network was on trial. I turned to whisper to my friend what I had listened over the BBC about eclipse of the sun. I was spotted. Mr. Musa demanded to hear what I was to tell my friend; I earned myself kneeling in front of the class for the rest of his session.

 To the time I was in my senior two, the head teacher beat me for not reading “Think big” by Cason since it was a rule that it was a must read by every student. Little did I know that my reading culture had just begun, with the added punishment of dusting the computer lab… it added to my knowledge of computer with typing in Microsoft and playing games.

 This added to the many awards I got through my junior level with reading. My parents though teachers, they always had more time for other peoples kids compared to me and my brother. The only time I read was in front of the mid 30 year old woman who revised with me and my brother. The reading processes would be filled with fear for any mistake made would earn me 2minite handful squeeze to my ears. I must say though rough, it worked .Now, I don’t only read but write too.

My brother Aloysius has always been keen with new technology; he helped me open my first accounts on yahoo and my space on my 16th birthday. This was seconded with computer lessons he offered me every evening he got home by 21 hours. I miss the argument that would arise if I wanted to chat at the time he wanted to use his computer to the times when he got mad at me for being a slow learner in Microsoft excels.

I have always been a fan of jerry Springer show ever since I watched a Briton fail to spell a word “bitch” to beach. I too was a bit spectacle to have to seat with my dad and watch people make a fool out of them selves…which to Jerry its expressing ones emotions…and then I got hooked, reality TV is now part of my favorite sport apart from Tennis.

Gone is the time my first article was discarded by a news paper and to be published by another. This improved my confidence in writing. Three years later my first poem “Home” was published in a FEMRITE anthology farming ashes which followed a great deal of other publications locally and internationally.

I now look forward to having more knowledge in writing, debating and “how to make Video and Audio”

By 14 days I will proudly see these days as my other life’s media journey remembered.

(memories By 0SEA) some of my publications are in; 

Farming Ashes,

Talking Tales,

Tolking tales,

A Dream in the Clouds,

Common Ground Review;summer issue 2009,

The Butterfly Dance,

skype me:monieg3


You can find me on Twitter,Scribd,skype and Facebook


If there is any thing i have learnt in my life,it has been from a Taxi!

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Board it, you will know the latest slags in down town,like maso awo meaning right  in front- but if you don't know the term ,you might think it means stop cause this ranges for one taxi driver to another.

my friend  Cannan was just setting in for up country and her first time she heard maso-awo ,the taxi stopped.

then she wanted to give it a try,the driver continued past  her junction then she said stop.

it did stop!

i then noticed that man keeps his or her mind in motion and every thing that comes up doesn't necessarily mean the same to every one in society for those that initiated that particular thing.

The mind is diverse.

so stop taking things for grated or you will find your self eating mold when you asked for dodo.

yesterday i got my self laughing when my taxi was in a jam as we reached Nakawa junction,the driver moved out to the side of the road to ease him self as the world watched.

it was 4:00pm,i guess to him it was already 9:00 pm but hu...llo, he went on and un zipped his trousers and let his way out "they say its their freedom for expression" but even to our green grass?

we watched in amazement .

when he was done he came back running.

at that time the cars behind were hooting for the taxi had been parked in the middle of the road.

he was lucky that kayihura's men did not have an eye on him to put him behind bars.

thank God i managed to reach home safely.

come on! i know you know this!

today i saw some thing that caught my eye.

that guy that will hand pick what was left in his tooth with his hands and then spit it at the neighbors back with out him noticing.

then, he nose picked to remove what was left and smeared the remains to the taxi seat.

why are people so ungrateful ,i wondered.

i guess the guy was so comfortable because he stated on a topic when he saw the guys who sell sugar canes along the road side" a bo= don't they have any thing to do"

and when we so some girls dressed to kill,there he smiled and said

"campus girls are back to kill us"

what is this guy talking about?

he is shit!


A meal from a kiosk.

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It’s not an every day thing that you can get access to a plate of food at only 1000 ugsh.

The Saturday of 11th July 2009, I and my friends couldn’t help the aroma that reached our nostrils .we decided to enter one kiosk along Kira road police station.At first we were not sure where the scent came from till one of the attendants called out on us!

Banyabo emele e’ lyeno’ (ladies, the food is in here) she said

We entered the small room with tinny benches and sat opposite each other.

Where I was seated I could see the view of the kitchen, then a woman appeared in a red wrapper and slippers to take our orders.It reminded me of a place in Jinja I had visited where menus were laid out on the tables for customers but they only had one meal available; matooke and beans

This time it was matooke, posho with gnuts.

Life couldn’t get worse after serving two plates; she broke it to me and jenny that the food was finished

“Banyabo wasigadeyo kawunga” (ladies, food is over but we are remaining with posho)

 ‘Did she think one would order posho with no sauce?’ we smiled it off and told her we were okay with the two plates

We asked her if it was possible for us to buy food from another place but she assured us that she was the only one with the food!

 ‘What time do people around here eat?’ I wondered. It was just 1:35 pm.

I watched my friends eat their share and we got out of the place with great memories.

‘Kiosk! I am coming back, this time at mid day.


 Thanks to Harriet, Jenny and Alal for making the day colorful.

 Compiled by Grace A., Harriet M. and Jennifer O.



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